News that no one will care about or read 2/28/02: Well, i put up the Mr. BoB rotating information in hopes that someone who cares will see it...and you'll need Media Player 7, or something because you need a special Codec, and i don't know where to get that besides on the Media Player 7, and also when you install it just keep all the codec's check or check them so that they will be installed and so forth and so on. Also, i'm working on a new 3d dealie, and it's coming along quite nice, except for the fact he has no arm...or legs...or internal organs...or a body for that matter... but the idea is there.

News of tomorrow...today 2/27/02: THe only thing that was updated was Management team and concepts, also tomorrow i'll put up a 360 look at Mr. BoB, and then i'll make a desktop thing for him and then i'm moving on, he's just not sexy enough anymore.

News for the Weary 2/26/02: AHAHAHAHA uploaded my first SIMPLE animation of Doom, I would have completeled another animation of Mr. BoB, but the camera goes ballistic to the max on me when
i parent it to a Bezier circle, but that's not too important. I started on a new 3d dealie and currently working on another website and so forth, i also uploaded another background, very simple and easy
like.....margarine... Also if you want to know a little about who is behind AHP (Alien Head Productions) a new section was just added. It may not be completely finished....

News in general 02/15/02 : Absolutely Nothing updated, except for Sitemap, that's all...

News aboot Nothing 2/20/02 : Added 2 new pictures, one of Gunther and the other of oother. That's all folks.

News de la Poo 2/21/02 : I finally finished the most intensive multi-cultural, internationally renowned project in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, i finished Mr. BoB, and he is being prominently displayed in the depths of Hell, or in pictures, it's your choice. Also, he'll be featured in a wallpaper dealie later, but first i have to construct the set....and construct a new alien called Duty Free, which is short for DK, that is all.

News on the front of 2/11/02: Many prospects are coming in the future,many indeed. Changing the
whole layout of the webpage was and still is new. Everything is literally under construction, and many
things are still being produced in the world of 3D, and i would have to say it's coming along
faster than an orgasm on a hot summer day. More to come later.

News from Down under 2/12/02: Put up un grafico and working on some el screensavers and so
forth but pretty much everything is still under construction. The gunther desktop background will be
flying in on diskette, mainly 3.5" diskette within the next few days, and mr. bob will be
finished up sooner
or later and turned into a magical Texturized poo gas. That is all

Hechos Nuevos de Febrero de Cuarenta: Hay muchos nuevos "Stuff" y Trabajo en el Chupacabra, pero
no es real Chupacabra, "instead" es un extraterestrial, ...Ay yi yi, mi estamago. Oh, entonces, hay un
nuevo "Screensaver" y dibujos, tan Uds. deben ir a mirarlo ...ahorita.

2/12/02 - Graphics - Mr. BOB